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NEITHER CadeMaddox.com, RenoGold.com nor TopFanVids.com offer All-Access Memberships or Downloads!
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Yes. Neither the website name nor anything at all to do with the content of the website is mentioned on your statement, only the name of the biller itself.
At the moment, CCBill is our preferred, primary billing partner. However, if you wish to pay via Epoch directly, please contact us by completing a Membership Assistance Form
Our primary billing partner, CCBill offers users in the United States the option to purchase memberships using Bank Checking or Savings Accounts. On their Join page, change Option Types to Bank Checking or Savings. Also, you can now pay for a membership by trading a popular gift card. 100% anonymous and no credit card required. On the Account Setup pre-join page, click on the “Use Gift Card” button and follow the instructions.
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